Connect to SSH using customed port from UBuntu Terminal

Scope and conditions :

  1. SSH service is running on remote server.
  2. SSH is binded to IP address
  3. SSH service is running on Port 9394 or customed port (SSH default port 22).
  4. There is no firewall on your computer or your network.

Steps to connect to remote SSH service from Ubuntu Terminal via CLI :

  1. Open your Ubuntu Terminal client.
  2. Type the following :
    username@localhost:~$ ssh -p9394 login_name@
  3. If RSA key request to be added, type yes to save the key to proceed.
  4. The SSH service will request for the login_name password.
  5. Provide the password.
  6. You have successfully login to SSH of the remote server using CLI SSH Client from ubuntu.

*Note : SSH client portrayed in this article can be used in CLI of Linux redhat as well as debian.

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