Transformers Henkei Grimlock C-03, Package and Gimmicks [Part 1]

Transformers Henkei Grimlock, package is less glamourous than its cousin Transformers Classic package. The package really looks cheap. But it is more than meet the eyes.

Grimlock front package
Grimlock package back

Grimlock Henkei is tie securely to its package. Upon opening the package it includes, a Grimlock in dino mode, transformation manual and unlike its Transformers Classic cousing it includes a catalog and a collectible card just like others Takara Tomy transformers toy.

Grimlock unpacked 1
Grimlock unpacked 2

After closer inspection, it is revealed that the catalog, is a comic featuring some of the Henkei toy line characters/toys. A very smart move by Takara Tomy to market and promote its products. It has a grimlock henkei collectible card as well. Alot of novelty indeed compared to the Transformers classic packaging. It is really more than meets the eyes.

Comes with a comic
Promotional materials at back of comics
Grimlock collectible card

Transformation sheet or manual comes in illustrated picture all in Japanese but the picture themself is self-explained the transformation step of Grimlock Dino mode to Grimlock Robot.

Transformation manual

Overall the package looks cheap but it has more to offer than its cousin product line; which is a comic and collectible card is provided. Making this toy playable as well appeals to adult collector like myself. Though it is slightly more expensive than its cousin product line.

To be continued… Next Review Transformers Henkei Grimlock, Dino mode.

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