Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Package [Part1]

Cyclonus from the Hasbro Transformers Classic toyline, is a more defined more articulated toy compared to the earlier 80s Cyclonus TargetMaster toy.

Though, the toy is smaller compared to the 80s Cyclonus but it is well proportioned.

This toy is just pack in a card backed bubble package. With attractive design.

Cyclonus generations with nightstick front box

The bubble plastic packing steadily hold the toy, Cyclonus is transformed as a Cybertronian Jet mode with his buddy NightStick in robot mode.

The back of the card has bio and statictics of Cyclonus it features a shot of the actual toy in robot mode.

Back card with details of Cyclonus biodata

Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep the toy in mint for the bubble package is not designed for resealing the toy back to the packaging.

Once it is opened, the Cyclonus toy and NightStick is securedly tied with cables, it comes with an a transformation manual.

Cyclonus unboxed front

The toy need to be liberated from the securing cable before the toy can be play with.

Cyclonus unboxed front

To be continued onto the Cyclonus Cybertronian Jet mode.

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