Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Cybertronian Jet Mode [Part2]

A futuristic sleek jet which is able to travel in space or in atmospheric flight Cyclonus is in its Cybertronian Jet mode.

Cyclonus cybertronian jet top view

The only gimmick that Cyclonus has at his cybertronian jet mode has retractable landing gears.  It has the a peg hole to hold NightStick in its gun mode on top of the cockpit/cabin. The scuplt of the toy is very detailed.

Its thrusters is molded with details. The panel lines and contour of the jet engines can be seen.

Cyclonus jet mode thrusters

Its cockpit/cabin is also has detailed mold.

Overall view of Cyclonus from the front with landing gear extended

The Cybertronian jet looks edgy with sharp edges and has a radical inverted wings instead of conventional aircraft wings.

Close up to the front

The landing gears is stored at the knees of the robot and below the nosecone, which is properly concealed.

Underside view of jet mode

Unforunately, the nosecone is very loose and floppy, it will fall down retracted if the jet is place upright with its nosecone facing up.

Another flaw is the 2nd half of the jet fuselage which its its legs is a bit loose and does not has a strong peg to secure the legs.

The underside expose most part of the robot chest, it is must to be desired if the robot part is fully concealed.

Should the underside is not review Cyclonus has a very good alternate mode.

To be continued to Cyclonus robot mode in the next post.

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