Transformers Convention at Queensbay Mall Penang Day 1

The first day of the Transformers Convention starts with a bitsy tweak on the displays.

Readjusting Diorama

Had little time to take some of a few exhibits using software panaroma.

Panaromic view 1
Panaromic View 2
Panaromic View 3

At the very last minute of the Transformers Convention, the TransMY crew before bracing for the flux of curious visitors for the Transformers Convention.

Double checking the list of transformers.
Making a last video recording before the Convention goes into full swing.

Transformers convention is never sweeter when curious and eagered visitors feeds their eyes with transformers eye candies.

Visitors phase 1
Another group of visitors of Transformers Convention.
A young visitor being indoctrinated into a Transformers fan.
A visitor scurry away to 1st floor for more transformers eye candies

To answer questions of inquisitive visitors, our crew is ever ready to give an enthusiastic explanation.

Our crew member enthusiastic shares his passion of Transformers G1.

There are various toy lines of Transformers is being displayed at the Transformers Convention.

BinalTechs realistic diecast car model Transformers.
G1 reissues that started the Transformers craze.
G1 SixShot
Metroplex, first Autobot transformable fortress.
The ever adorable MiniBots

Thanks to advanced manufacturing and material innovation, newer Transformers toys other than transformable, it also becomes durable. Example of those articulated and transformable Transformers toy line is Transformers Energon series.

Transformers Energon series.

With advent of better manufacturing and design technology, Transfomers toy makers and Hasbro has answer to it Fans dream to a perfect transformation, highly detailed every collectors must have collectible toy, The MasterPiece series. And Yes, Transformers Convention at Queensbay Mall has those toy lines displayed on this special occasion.

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and Grimlock.

Masterpiece Starscream and its seekers.

To spice things up, Queensbay Mall has orgnize many more activity such as transformation competition and a look alike Mikaela contest.

Competition to transform Bumblebee.
The competition winner is...

On the Transfomers Convention second day there will be more activity and more fun. Hope to see you there participating in this first ever Transformers Convention hold in Penang at Queensbay Mall. 😉

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