Transformers Convention Day 2

TransMYians wish to convey our apology that the toys on display in the Transformers Conventions are not for sale.

City Commander

We do glad to interact with all the visitors that has choose to spend their weekends to follow us with a short Transformers Escapade.

Armada Prime

Canยดt help to relate that the Return of the Fallen transformers where Optimus Prime combines with JetFire is inspired by Transformers Armada. Oh yes, one can use his or her knowledge of Transformers to draw which series of Tranformers that had inspired Micheal Bay to make Optimus Prime and Jet fire combines to a more powerful form. Coincidentally, in Transformers Armada Jetfire forms the legs of Optimus Prime power up mode.

Armada Prime back view.

There is also another possible inspiration of the Optimus Prime and Jetfire combination. Answer lies in the Transformers Galaxy, Optimus Prime and Jetfire combines, in this series, Jetfire becomes Optimus Primeยดs back pack and give additional firepower. Sound kinda more familiar with ROTF Optimus Prime and Jetfire combination.

Galaxy Optimus Prime merged with Jetfire.

Another alien looking Transformers in which were created prior to Michael Bayยดs Transformers. It was the ever contravertial Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Where it sparks a war among the most ardent Transformers stance. Yeah before 2007 there is actually a civil war between fans due to organic looking bots. History always repeats itself ๐Ÿ˜€

Beast Wars toyline on display.

The most far right fans of G1 Transformers were screaming for heresy and blasphemy commited by the creators of Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Reasons are many and amusing, the most common reason is Robots are not supposed to be organic looking. I hope this post does not sparks another cyber heated debate and arguement ๐Ÿ˜›

Beast Machines toyline.

There is other event such as Mikeala look alike contest. Managed to take some of the girls.

Mikeala look alike contestants.

Some shots were taken outside.

A contestant of the Mikeala Look Alike.
Another contestant of the Mikeala Look Alike.

Other than that we have tried to get cute and closer to the visitors of Transformers Convention by sharing the most famous bot at the moment, BumbleBee.

Ultimate BumbleBee pimped.

Another sighting was Spike from G1 transfromers.

Hakim cosplay as Spike Witwicky.

In transformers G1, there is a human character Spike Witwicky. Current Transformers Movie 2007 and Revenge of the Fallen, the main human is Sam Witwicky. The parallel is both Witwicky are human friend to BumbleBee. On a side note to male readers, if your GF or wife watch Transformers Movie in 2007 and continue to watch with you Revenge of the Fallen, buy a cute BumbleBee for them. For single men, if your romantic interest watches ROTF, start the topic using BumbleBee ๐Ÿ˜‰

BumbleBee and more BumbleBees.

We encourage that visitors take advantage of bringing in camera for the Transformers Convention to take snapshots of their favorite robot. Some uses camera phone and there are alot using DSLRs. Most important the satistfaction of framing your favorite Transformers bot in your digital frame or album.

HandPhone cam caught in the act.

At last, the next post will be the final day of the Transformers Convention. Remember that if you are able to look at the Tranformers robot they will look back to you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Megatron looking back at the visitors.
Optimus Prime looking back at the visitors.

3 thoughts on “Transformers Convention Day 2

  1. those mikeala gals.. look so YUCKY,,, disgracing thou ๐Ÿ˜› ask them go home n dig a hole stuck their head pls.. hahaha.. or put heavier make up.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    i like the pic.. “megatron looking back at the visitors”

    • aiya dun be so bad lar… they all at least dare to participate. Consolation price each a Samsung handphone u know ๐Ÿ˜€

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