Transformers Convention Day 3 wrap up

Skids holding a bunny.

The final day of the Transformers Convention 2009 at Queensbay Mall Penang, Malaysia. There is still alot of activities and yes the Mikeala Banes look alike winner will be determined. Most importantly to capture a slice of the event on the people that has made this Transformers Convention a meaningful one.

A Transformers convention is never complete without the visitors. Toys will be just a piece of expensive plastics if there is no one to adore its scuplt and details.

Unicron in robot mode.
Primus in robot mode.

In the Galaxy Force series of Transformers, Unicron were given an arch rival in a form of Primus which is an oversize robot, indeed size does really matter.There is some improvement made to the diorama of the pyramid battle scene to reflect free for all royal rumble.

Royal Rumble at the pyramid.

An Autobot spotted trying to bring down The Fallen desperately.

Sneak attack of Autobot.

Of course there is also a moment of some Autobot slacking off take the battle at a lighter side.

Skids holding a bunny.

Not to forget tried a few shots of photos from the perspective of transformers. It is fun to try capturing Transformers with a blur background bustling with people.

Lugnut point of view.
Unicron point of view.

Without further delay, the Mikeala Banes look alike competition contestants. Please bear in mind that do not proceed scrolling down if your company or organization is strict on models with provoking poses. You been warned. Also if there are kids in close proximity do not scroll down.

Mikeala look alike photoshot 1.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 2.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 3.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 4.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 5.

This post must be the blog post with the most photo shot so far.

Mikeala look alike photoshot 6.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 7.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 8.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 9.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 10.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 11.

About 50% completing the photos for the Mikeala look alike contest.

Mikeala look alike photoshot 12.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 13.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 14.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 15.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 16.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 17.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 18.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 19.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 20.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 21.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 22.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 23.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 24.
Mikeala look alike photoshot 25.

The close shots of all contestants, if you notice, there is not all close up shot I took. Some contestant either I have left them out or I have missed them out.

Mikeala look alike contestants.
Mikeala look alike contestants another shot.

Not forgetting the winner of the contest is this Hot babe. So hot that it will blow your mind away.

Mikeala alike hot babe.

Other than the Mikeala look alike contest; Are you hot enough ? There is others events to look up to. Informal event that started on day 2; Bumblebee Pimping. People of different ages likes BumbleBee at least in Penang, Malaysia. Not sure about other region though but I like your feed backs ๐Ÿ˜€

Bumblebee pimping day 3 with Venoth.

From the observation of the BumbleBee pimping visitors are really showing patience and orderly. Something which is rare these days in Penang, Malaysia.

Photo session with BumbleBee.
Bumblebee gets adopted.
BumbleBee being cuddled.
BumbleBee posing with girls.

This is a testimony and proof to support in my previous post that single guys who is a Transformers fan can pimp BumbleBee to attract girls. Just make sure that you have RM450++ to invest on the Ultimate BumbleBee, the result would be priceless. At least at the current trend of the time in this post.

BumbleBee involved in brothers bonding photo session.

The number of person attending is encouraging. Let the pictures speak for themself.

Crowd photoshot 1.
Crowd photoshot 2.
Crowd photoshot 3.
Anxious GF look on as BF being indoctrinated.

There is of course some tense moment, as uninterested patron were dragged by their partners to listen to the gospel of Transformers. There are some crowd would ask if the item on display is on sales. In which we responded by ยจNO, it is just on display and not for sell…ยจ. There are also keen visitors and photographers.

Streching out the get close shots.
DSLR, aimed and ready to snap.

The final event of the day is Auctions. The highlight of the day were undisclosed until the final moment. The cut outs and the pyramid diorama each for RM100 which is surprisingly cheap affordable.

Highlight item the pyramid diorama.
Some auction stuffs.
Auction highlight Transformers promotional character Cutout.

Of cos other than the MC, we have our crews taking care of things and review the inventory from the side.

Crews standing by at the inventory segment.

If there is begining there will be also an end. Took a photo with the TransMYians with the Queensbay Event organizing crew.

Transformers Convention 2009 crews.

Then time to pack. Haul up our stuffs and went home.

Stuffs packed and drove home.

Your persistance in this post is rewarded by revelation of the real winner (who is a pretty and hot IMHO) in the Mikeala look alike; Are you hot enough ? Contest. Till then ๐Ÿ˜‰

Really more than just hot.

20 thoughts on “Transformers Convention Day 3 wrap up

  1. luckily the winner look good..
    photoshot 4-6 looks extremely.. eyerrr @.@
    i think photoshoot 14-17 looks more like transexual ppl.. wif her boobie comin out.. maciam fake.. looks like akua oso..
    photoshot 22-23 looks so gerli.. post n model problem.. hahaha..
    photoshot 24-25 oso looks like akua.. zombie version. haha.. gerli..
    i strongly feel the crew looks better then the contestant ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Thanks mate, will do it. Just need your permission to download TransMY logo and add it to widget ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Boss, working on it hehe; this write up is more about Ah Mois and Aweks cun ๐Ÿ˜€ Would try to speed up write up on the upcoming post. Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. Alright Chow, great photo shots from the convention & nice preview. I missed the auction session ๐Ÿ™ From yr pics the auction time must be thrilled & full of fun.
    Thumbs up bro…!!

    • Fumi, the cut out is really a good deal, RM100 but it is too big. If I have my own house I will sapu and ebay it internationally. It is dreamworks official TF cutout.

    • @Cheng Zhong: Dun worry anybody can join TransMY, you just need to register yourself in their forum at . I am just an ordinary member there; we just have a good time chatting over there. Just create a thread for new comers to do self intro. ๐Ÿ™‚

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