Alter Mechanic Model Collection ARX-7 Arbalest

Package front

Finally after 10 days of waiting and worrying that it will lost in transit. Finally it arrived safe and sound without any damage on the parcel. I guess I’m lucky 😀

The newest addition is the long awaited ARX-7 Arbalest arm slave model from Alter. The model is scaled to 1/60 from its actual size in the anime series Full Metal Panic.

Out from the parcel the box housing the Arbalest mechanical model is stunning well designed. The figure itself is about 13K Japanese Yen, which causes most ardent fans of the Full Metal Panic series bitch and rant about the price many many moons before its release.

Package back
Package side 1
Package side 2

Will make a full review on the 1/60 scale Alter Mechanic Model Collection ARX-7 Arbalest soon. Stay tuned 🙂

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