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Alter ARX-7 Arbalest from the anime Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid is a Generation 3 arm slave with an experimental Lambda Drive. In the story the Lamda drive gives supernatural ability to the arm slave, making it a 1-man army.

Alter has replicate this iconic mecha from the series with very high detailed in 15cm or about 5 inch action figure.

Like all standard premium adult collectible toy, the package comes with a velcro seal box which reveals the figure. Out of the box, the Alter ARX-7 Arbalest action figure cum high detailed mechanical model were given an instructional manual on how to play with it properly.

Arbalest Unboxed
Arbalest close up unbox

The manual is written in Japanese, but it has good amount of picture to illustrate the instructions without needs of understanding Japanese. Just reminds me of good old Japanese toys in the 80s, minus diecast and minus the Styrofoam coffin. 😀

Manual uncover and spread

The manual front page is very simple, no extra illustration just Alter company details and brief intro of the toy figure. Do not be deceived by the manual cover; do not judge a book by its cover applies in this case.

Play manual
Play manual for Arbalest
Manual of converting Arbalest with lambda drive mode

Standing at about 15cm the Alter ARX-7 Arbalest Mechanic Model Collection line, is not shying away from details. Without adding extra accessories, the figure is charming by itself.

Arbalest front view
Arbalest side view
Arbalest back view

The ARX-7 mecha figure does not have any stickers, the manufacturer is generous to make small tampo print on the figure. Example of the details is small prints such as ¨caution¨ is hard to be visible by the naked eye but it is printed onto the figure.

Minute tampo prints, fonts are less than a milimeter tall.

Definately, Alter do not simply name their toyline for ARX-7 Arbalest as Mechanic Model Collection for no apparent reason. Some part of the figure are able to expose mechanical details on the figure.

Close up upper body of Arbalest
Close up photoshot of Arbalest head

The back portion of the mecha can be opened to expose some mechanical part. Unfortunately, it is nonfunctional but nevertheless a good eye candy.

Opened hatch of back of Arbalest shows good detailed non-functional mechanical parts

Another mechanical to behold is the ARX-7 cockpit, even the back panel of the lid show a hatch with non-operational knob. There is a small unremovable figurine in the cockpit. Since it is ARX-7, it should be the story protagonist Sousuke Sagara.

Cockpit hatch opened

If the cockpit is observed closer, there is details on the pilot seat with HUD and some essential Arm Slave navigation details.

Close up of cockpit with pilot

Although the pilot lacks Sousuke Sagara feature, we can safe the assume the pilot is Sousuke Sagara. As a consolation, the details of Arms Slave arm manipulator control are added to the cockpit detail.

Soles details are great, that Quentin Tarentino will get a hard on

Another notable detail is at the ARX-7 arm slave soles, it is good to know that ARX-7 does not has flat feet else it will not be qualified or pass physical requirement to be an actual combat soldier. Great to know that Alter did not let up on the details in which can be easily taken for granted.

The posing of the ARX-7 is very good if it is not excellent. The reason that the manual is provided to illustrate how to remove ¨limiter¨ that will hinders the overall articulation of certain part of the figure. So remember to RTFM !! 😛

P.S.: I did not RTFM on my first try and was frustrated of the limited articulations.


One example to pin point is the default limitation at the hips and the leg, it is due to the ARX-7 tight blue colored armor. It can be extended by sliding down the blue armour down towards the knee. The result is vast improvement of the articulation.

Better articulation but not good enough

The slide up and down of the Alter ARX-7 is a feature to improve articulation only, if it is exposed, the ARX-7 mecha will looks strange.

Overall articulation of Alter ARX-7 is good, ankle and foot is bendable. Arm and knee joint is double jointed. It can make some outrageous poses. Waist twist left and right, the chest area are able to bend up and down. The head is able to turn left right, look up and down.

Kow tow pose
Both knees down
Whacky pose
Ready to jump

ARX-7 Arbalest needs to take a rest before able to pose for further photography session. It is not easy being a model. 😀

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14 thoughts on “Alter ARX-7 Arbalest Full Metal Panic review

  1. Pics nicely takens.. the chilling out post especially.. LOL.. btw are those sugar-papered background?

    • @Daaditsu: it is not sugar paper but foam padding i bought from the previous company camping trip 😀 Never thot that it can give good effect.

    • @cmei: Still learning on posing and taking better shots. Still think my camera can take good studio shots. But low light condition unable to make better shots.

    • @TCracker: Bandai is making a ARX-7 under their Robot Damashii line, it should be less than RM200.

  2. Very detailed review and in-depth explanation of the kit’s hidden features, ‘limiters’ which can be improve the kit’s articulation. Using of foam padding is unique too especially the feel that it gives, very soft instead of the usual flat black or white.

    • @Jacques: Thanks for dropping by. I am working on an article on how to handle Arbalest proper, still studying how to play with it. Foam padding is an accident, couldn´t find proper studio equipment. Hence use my camping foam/matt as a replacement of conventional background.

    • @Actar: Yeah it is very expensive for a figure for it size. Hopefully Bandai will give SOC SPEC for Arbalest with the same details and articulation/playability and more accessories. Most part of the Arbalest is basically M9 parts.

  3. hi.. very nice poses of the arbalest.. anyways, do you have any idea where i can purchase this alter arx7? thanks buddy..

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