SOC GX-31 Voltes V review

Voltes V as far as I know is a Japanese animation made in the 1970s, fall under the Super Robot genre with intriguing storyline. Bandai has finally given Voltes V with Soul of Chogokin treatment. What attacted me to this toy is not because I am a fan of the animation series but it is the details and engineering of this highend collectible toy.

Most part of this robot is made of die case, joints at the shoulders are ratchet joints. Ball joints were used at the legs connected to the pelvic region. Knees are using ratchet joints. Too bad there is no articulation at the waist and chest due to the transfromation mechanism. Head and elbow has very limited articulation too.

Another additional point of the toy, it comes with an impressive array of accessories and gimmicks. For SOC GX-31 Voltes V, the gimmick and accessories give more playability to the figure.

Accessories of Voltes V

Luckily, the instruction on how to combine or play with Voltes V has a lot of graphic and well-illustrated. Though if a person is able to read Japanese it will be a plus to read the story of Voltes V and other instructions.

Voltes V the super robot in combined from 5 vehicles which symbolizes team work to conquer the adversary.

The first on the list is the volt cruiser. Volt cruiser is the vehicle that forms the head of Voltes V. Just like most Super Robo classics animation, it is the leader unit. Out of all volts machine, the volt cruiser is the smallest vehicle. The vehicle represents a futuristic jet fighter.

The volt cruiser feature landing gear which is already built in into the vehicle.

The 2nd volt machine is the volt bomber. It is supposed to be a bomber, or futuristic looking bomber. However, it looks more like a piece of flying brick. In its bomber mode, it is more enthusiastic to transform into Voltes V arms. The arm does not lock into the bomber cockpit/body, and it is quite loose. The landing gear made of die cast need to be attached to simulate the landing gears is in use.

The 3rd volt machine is the Volt Panzer. The Volt Panzer is transformed to be the body of Voltes V. It looks more like a caterpilar treaded rescue vechicle more than an actual tank. It comes with 2 sets of robotic clamp that can be put forward, open and close and be extended. The awesome factor for this volt machine is its tread is made of real rubber. Majority part of the Volt Panzer feels like it is made if Diecast and it is one of the heavy part other than the Volt Frigate.

The 4th volt machine is Volt Frigate. It is supposed to be an amphibious craft able to submerge into marine environment as well as capable of flight. From my point of view it is more like a disembody legs of Voltes V with wings, radar and cockpit attached. Volt frigate in its volt machine mode is undeniable the ugliest of all. It has a spring action to keep the radar and sonar sensor.

Lastly the 5th volt machine, Volt Lander; futuristic looking 24 wheeled vechicle which is able to dig into subteranean. From a non Voltes V fan view, it looks like a pair of skates slab together to becomes the Volt Lander. Given shoe like appearence, it forms the feet of Voltes V. Better looking than both Volt Bomber and Volt Frigate.

The wheels is able to propel the Volt Lander and it has spring that act as suspension or dampener. The drill can be stored as well as to be revealed. This piece of Voltes V is having lots of Die Cast content in it.

All super robot in the plot will meet a powerful adversary that will cause critical defeat of the hero in one part of the story. In which a character or an entity will appears to give more juice to the fallen hero to vanquish the strong adversary. Meet the ex deus machina of Voltes V, Mecha Falcon. It is not articulated nor contains any diecast but is is not shy away from details.

Invidual Volt Machines are weak but each is essential to form the Super Robot Voltes V.

Altough there is short comings from the Volt Machines, Voltes V shows it best when it is formed.

At the back of the robot,all part of the Volt Machine is still showing out like a sore thumb. But is it impossible to accomplish perfect transformation due to the anime magic factor. I can only stand in awe the manage to make an animated translation with only line art into this marvelous piece of engineering. Just a complain that the engineer did not find ways to hide away the hedious studs at the side of Voltes V waist.

Articulation wise, Voltes V lack of it at the waist and chest. Due to the design emphasis on the aesthetics of the toy transformation and combination, the articulations are often sacrificed. No complain in this department πŸ™‚

Accessories and gimmick wise, there is a lot. Few of the example is its cannon gun built-in in the right arm.

Another gimmick to highlight is the multiple missle launcher. It is not convertible but is an attachment prop to Voltes V arm.

The classical finisher of all Super Robot show must have giant sword. Bandai has made a decent attempt to recreate the aesthetics of the chest piece of Voltes V turn into the Heavenly Sword.

When the Heavenly Sword is form it leaves Voltes V chest broken.

Not to worry, the flimsy and ugly looking heavenly sword has a replacement which is a shiny perfect looking Heavenly Sword which is anime accurate. Unfortunately, it is too heavy to be hold by Voltes V default articulated hand/fist.

The ability of Voltes V able to hold the sword is due to anime accurate hands. The hand comes in pairs with 3 different poses. Fist, holding hand and an open hand. The extra piece of hand shares the same piece of stub which is attached to the arms of Voltes V.

The reason that the articulated hand is unable to wield the anime accurate sword is the hands are loose to hold and support the weight of the anime accurate Heavenly Sword.

With the anime accurate fist other type of pose can be accomplish such as basic punch stance.

As a summary, SOC GX-31 Voltes V (released in 2005) excels in Robot mode. With good articulations and tonnes of accessories and gimmicks. It is a well worth toys for mecha fans and Voltes V fans alike. Diecast content is plenty in this Voltes V release.

From my understanding in 2009 Bandai has released a more improved version of Voltes V, named as Respect for Voltes V. In which Respect for Voltes V is Bandai attempt to bring the classic toy color and feature to Voltes V.

It is your choice to get this first release or the improved release. Personally, the color of the GX-31 Voltes V are more anime accurate.

Thank you for your time. Until the next post πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “SOC GX-31 Voltes V review

  1. Great review Chow. I am seriously thinking of getting this or the rereleased. but seeing that it now goes for around RM600 per pop, it should still re affordable right? What are your thoughts on the pricing? I am pretty much sold on him, just need to be sure I find away to prevent all the paint chipping..

    • @TCracker: If you prefer playability and more feature but dun mind light blue, you may check out the newer release of Voltes V; coined Respect for Voltes V, it is under SOC Bandai. About the paint chip, it is bound to happens. Especially in humid place like in MY if kept in display the deterioration is faster. This piece I play it less than 5 times since 4 years back.

    • Too bad this piece is off limits to office hehe. When I have new place you can always visit me πŸ˜‰

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