Creative Solution – Making tamago using Iron

Pan with iron, and omlete ready for action.

What happens to be the best substitution of stove which is spoil our out of gas. A out of the box culinary solution is needed.

The answer lies very near to your wardrobe, the trusty Iron. Yes iron as an alternate stove 😛 not kidding.

What is needed to be done is position the Iron proper.

Iron as stove.

Next set to max or correct temperature.

Max out the heat for Iron.

Pour in some cooking oil to ensure that the non-stick surface really a non-stick.

Pan oiled even it is non-stick type.
Put ample egg batter.

The egg batter for the omlete should be pour not too much for the Iron heat is not strong enough to cook up high volume food. If there is too many batter, it may take very long time to ready or worst case, onside of the omlete will be charred.

Wait a while for the batter to form into omlete.

Omlete is created once the egg batter cooks completely.

First attempt of omlete is not nice, for it was broken up.

First attempt on omlete rather disappointing.
Pan is ready.

With a stroke of luck and experience the 2nd attempt of making the omlete is better shape and the texture is the same.

Shape of the tamago nicer.

More closer look to the omletes.

Tamago need to be cut into slices.

Till the next post, will think of more creative and unconventional methods to solve common problem. 😀

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