Combining ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime with JetFire to form Powered-Up Prime

Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime and Jetfire are required to combine to power up form

One of the main reason getting both Leader Class Optimus Prime and Leader Class JetFire is both Leader class toy can combine to form Powered-Up Prime. Contrary to the combinati0n, in the Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) movie Powered-Up Prime is form after JetFire sacrifice himself to allow its body to beef up Optimus Prime weaponary and giving flight capability to Optimus Prime in the ROTF movie climax.

Regardless of TakaraTomy or Hasbro version of the toy, both is able to be combined without issues.

For the combination, start of with transforming both Optimus Prime and JetFire in their robot mode.

Step 1, attach weapons and tranform part into weapon
Step 2, snap Jetfire to backpack of Optimus Prime
Step 3, attached the legs to secure both Optimus Prime and Jetfire
Step 4, secure belt to the abdomen of Optimus Prime

In the nut shell, in the transformation or combination Jet Fire is more like a jet pack complete with buckle, attachment on to the feet and hook to the back.

Jetfire as jetpack for Optimus Prime

Unfortunately, the original configuration of the legs looks plain. From the Transformers forum source of alternate powered-up prime leg configuration gives a better configuration.

Optimus Prime with alternate way to complete foot merging
Side view of alternate configuration

Other than the feet and back pack, from the frontal view after the combination, the head and the torso is still clearly is Optimus Prime.

Powered up Optimus Prime with full loadout

When the combination is completed, Powered-Up Prime is lacking of articulation at its lower part of the body. Hand are less articulated at the shoulder due to new shoulder pads. However the energon sword is still extensible on the part of arm without the big blaster.

The mech-alive feature of Optimus Prime is removed. However, it can be triggered by pushing Optimus Prime backwards. In Powered-Up mode, there is a sound effect. Which is located at the lower back of JetFire.

Buttons for electronic sound for Power Up Prime
Mech alive still available after combination

There is a few configuration available for the shoulder pad. One involving folding up the 2 half of the cockpit/fuselage back into the position of JetFire robot arm. The only downside is it exposes JetFire claw but it does not matter for JetFire head can be seen in any configuration.

Alternate combination, legs are stubby
Jetfire head sticking out like a sore thumb
Power up Prime alternate configuration
Another view of alternate configuration

As summary, Powered-Up Prime is a great display piece meant to be displayed face to face to would be on lookers. In term of articulation, it is severely lacking.

Not meant for those that is fear of grotesque appearance of having your ally’s carcass mount on your back with his dead head dangling at the back of your head. 😛

Thanks for reading. Until the next post.

Back view of alternate configuration

3 thoughts on “Combining ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime with JetFire to form Powered-Up Prime

  1. Wow,very good review with some awsome high quality photos. I can see clearly the beauty of it. I gonna buy it(Takara) from lowyat forum XD I already got my Normal ROTF Optimus so I can’t get Twin Pack version. Hope I can get it next week 😛

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