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One compound word to describe JetFire in the Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie, Old Geezer. In the movie JetFire was a former Decepticon and grew tired of war. I do not recall that the movie explicitly mentioned that JetFire is an Autobot. I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend is in effect here. The version of this JetFire is the Takara version. Perhaps if you have the Hasbro version, you may spot the difference.

ROTF jetfire package. Hasbro and TakaraTomy too lazy to have the box redesigned, only added stickers

Fundamentally, there is not much difference of the Takara version and the Hasbro version JetFire. Everything is the same, except there is some makeshift stickers sticked all over the place in which is implied it is for consumption in Japanese market. The transformation sheet is in Japanese but the illustration is the same for the Takara and Hasbro is the same.

Back of the box featured biodata of JetFire

At the bottom of the package, in which there is no picture of in the review. There are stickers for Japanese consumers to contact TakaraTomy. Basically, there is not must noticeable difference between the Takara version and Hasbro version. However, there are some of my friends did mentioned that the whiskers of JetFire of Takara is thicker.

It took me about 5 minutes to untie JetFire from its coffin package. Unfortunately other than the mech-alive feature and the voice electronics as well as light up of chest and the eyes legs do not have any commendable articulations. Articulation of the hands and arms are good but not impressive if you make comparison to the ROTF leader class Optimus Prime.

Back of JetFire is shell of the SR71 BlackBird

In order to make the robot figure stand, the body needs to be made leaning slightly forward. The joints of the legs at the pelvic region is tight with ratchet joints. However, like any senior citizens JetFire too suffers from weak knees.

ROTF Leader Class JetFire chicken legs
ROTF Leader Class JetFire side view

The trick to solve the heavier body of Jetfire due to the weak knees, lean the body of JetFire slightly forward using the joints of the legs connected to the hips.

The most articulated appendage of JetFire is it’s arms.

Shoulder and Elbow of ROTF Jetfire is the most articulated

JetFire hand claw is able to twist at the wrist, unfortunately the claw unable to move individual. But it provides good grip to his walking stick.

Walking sticks for old timer JetFire

The only movement given to the head is swaying left and right. Though the electronic and lighting uses the head to add effect of JetFire eyes glowing red.

ROTF JetFire close up shot of head
JetFire glowing red eyes does not make it a Decepticon

The mech-alive gimmick is achieved by pulling the yellow lever which is placed at the middle of the robot chest. The speech is “JetFire is my name”. Red lights flash in the eyes and at the chest, head turns horizontally left and right.

Location of electronics

The battery compartment can only be accessible when JetFire is in its robot mode. The procedure involves lifting up the back plate/trench coat of JetFire. A small phillip head screw driver is needed to complete the operations. The battery is provided. AA sized batteries are needed, 2 of them.

Batteries are included in the ROTF leader class JetFire toy

In term of accessories, JetFire only has a Gatling gun and a walking stick. Unforturnately, the walking stick or cane does not transform into an energon axe.

JetFire Gattling gun and missile
JetFire Gattling gun with missile attached
Clip to attach to the forearm of Power Up Optimus Prime

Of course JetFire review is not complete without its alternate mode the SR-71 blackbird. Unfortunately, the alternate mode in my opinion is not even a half baked job. The transformation is relatively simple compared to Optimus Prime.

Transformation Step 1
Transformation Step 2
Transformation Step 3
Transformation Step 4
Transformation Step 5
Transformation Step 6
Transformation Step 7
Transformation Step 8
Transformation Step 9
Transformation Step 10
Transformation Step 11
Transformation Step 12 and complete it by ensuring the SR71 shell are properly aligned and tabbed in
SR-71 BlackBird

For the transformation, JetFire alternate mode the SR-71 is only half done after the transformation is complete. From the top, it is a sleek SR-71 profile no doubt about it. But from the view at the below, it is a robot twist itself to follow the shell of the SR-71.

Looks good from top view
SR71 is pure robot kibble
Jetfire hands holding the walking stick which is now landing gear of the SR71

The trigger or button of the sound effect is placed at the back of the SR-71. It gives effect of high pitched jet engine screaming.

Sound Effect button just above the tail

There is  decent attempts to put details to the SR-71 Blackbird mode of Jetfire.

Nice details to the SR71 cockpit

There is tampo print below the cockpit canopy at the left which read as “LT. COL. BRAWLEY Warning : This aircraft contains a seat containing explosive charge seek maintenance manual before removing.”

Skunkworks logo included
Officially JetFire quits from being a Decepticon, Decepticon logo defaced
Engine details

Too bad the the back of the SR-71, the part of the robot hips is exposed.


The view at the side of the SR-71 is not so pleasant, as it is visible that JetFire make himself to a shape similar to SR-71 shell which is place on top of its robot back.

How to almost hide all robot kibble of JetFire in SR71 mode

From reviewing this toy, it is impossible to hide robot parts of JetFire if you plan to take overall isometric angle of JetFire in its alternate mode.

There is no redemption in the JetFire alternate mode, for the entire robot is visible at the bottom of the SR-71.

The robot mode is decent though. A small modification can be made to take away the old geezer image of JetFire. It can be done by transforming part of the cloak of JetFire into the primary blaster of Powered-Up Prime.

Converting part of the back to bigger gun
JetFire the gunslinger
JetFire will make Optimus Prime greater

Giving JetFire Powered-UP Prime, makes JetFire a walking weapon and a complete bad ass.

Summary, the robot mode of JetFire is good but lack of articulation of the legs is a bit of a bad point. It takes time to grow onto liking JetFire in its old geezer robot mode.

In the alternate mode, SR-71 Blackbird is unbelievable. It seems more like a rushed product just to be a shell to combine with Optimus Prime.

The only reason that I see that you should get Leader Class JetFire is because you want to have a complete ROTF toyline. Or because you want to make Powered-Up Prime. Other than the other 2 reasons I do not see why Leader Class JetFire is prefered 😛 Please enlighten me 😀

Till the next post. Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “Takara ROTF Leader Class JetFire Review

  1. One other GREAT reason to have JetFire is the love of the SR-71 Blackbird. I used to be on ground crew for this tail number. However, this tailnumber, 17976, is actually a trainer model. It has two fully functional pilot cockpits and a slightly different outline on top. But I sill like the fact that they gave kudos to a beautiful bird that still has no comparison.

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