ROTF Brawn Review

Brawn as far from my child hood memory is 1 of those Autobots that I would not pay any attention to it due to its association of weak and small bot.

ROTF Brawn, deluxe class.

ROTF Brawn paperback plastic bubble package.

ROTF Brawn biodata.

ROTF Brawn package back shows biodata as well as feature.

However the rendition of Brawn in ROTF styled robot had made my jaw dropped all thanks to my friend TCracker.

The robot mode is the reason that I sought to get this Autobot, we will explore the reason later. The package comes with the toy, transformation sheet and catalog of transformers toys.

ROTF Brawn Transformation Instructions are definately not in Technicolor.

ROTF Brawn Transformation Instructions with non-attractive color.

ROTF Catalog promotional tool.

ROTF Catalog colorful.

Continuing with Brawn. Out of the box, it is in Alternate mode.

Some rugged looking 4WD is ROTF Brawn.

ROTF Brawn alt mode.

In its Alt Mode Brawn is just a normal looking military 4WD truck with a minigun mounted on its roof. All the wheels is workable but it is made from plastics.

ROTF Brawn combat 4WD.

ROTF Brawn alternate mode with NEST logo at the side.

Too bad the doors as well as the windows of Brawn in truck mode is not functional. But the details of the truck is unmistakably beautiful.

Back view of Brawn Alt Mode.

There is not a single part of the robot visible at the back.

Unfortunately, the head and chest of Brawn can be seen from the bottom of the Alt Mode.

ROTF Brawn Alternate Mode kibble at the bottom.

The robot head, chest as well as part of the feet is visible.

For transformation wise, like most figures of ROTF toyline even in Deluxe Class, the transformation can be considered as complicated compared to G1 Transformers. Due to the complexity of the transformation it seems that future toys are more worth the buck paid for its high tech design. As a summary, the bonnet of the alternate mode is its legs and feets, the back of the truck is its arms, and the middle part is the body of the robot.

Open sides of the truck.

First step is to unlock or open the main "lock".

Continue to step two of Brawn transfomation.

Open the back cover of the back wheel.

Taking out the arms.

Sway the roof to back of the truck.

Split the bonnet and front of the truck..

Forming the legs.

Brawn Transformation Step 5.

Splitting off the bonnet to expose leg and form leg armor.

Step 6 of Transformation, forming the legs complete.

Tranformation of front truck to robot legs finally completed.

Step 7 of the Transformation.

Twisting the waist to front of the robot body.

Step 8, continuing with forming of the arms.

Fold down the part of the mud protector of the back wheels.

Step 9 of Brawn transformation.

Moving the side plate of Alt Mode.

Step 10 of ROTF Brawn transfomation.

Folding of roof make form for Brawn arms.

Finishing step to complete transformation of Brawn.

By twisting the shoulder and arms, will complete the transformation.

Once the transformation complete, ROTF Brawn looks very beefy at the top, with big and long arms.

Front view of Brawn.

Top heavy ROTF Brawn Transformation complete.

One of the complain discovered during the transformation is, the ball joint of the legs connecting to the body is loose. The joint pop out from the ball a few times during transformation. With the heavy top, it is quite a feat to strike a pose with ROTF Brawn.

In term of sculpt and details, it is amazing for this Deluxe Class transformers figure.

Brawn side view.

The only thing that is giving weight is its "cloak".

Cloak and Gun of Brawn.

The main cannon is stored in between the "cloak".

The next thing that worth mentioning is deployment of the main cannon to make Brawn looks like those highly stylized Japanese Mecha. Lets have a closer looks to the robot mode.

Details of Brawn head as well as upper body.

Darkened eyes but there are details.

Brawn Head details from the side.

Another perspective of Brawn robot mode.

Every line and possible circuitry is imprinted to the mold.

Expect no slack in giving details to Brawn's arms.

Nice looking leg of Brawn.

Bumper as knee, half bonnet as leg armor.

On to review of deployment of the main cannon.

Main cannon ready to deploy.

Details of Brawn's cannon.

Shoulder Cannon folded state.

Swivel up the cannon from original position.

Second part of the cannon deployment.

Unfold the barrel of the cannon.

Complete unfolding of the cannon.

Make a full proper straightening of the cannon barrel to finish the deployment.

Once the canon is deployed, twist the root of the cannon which is attached to the back of Brawn the the left or right to make it a shoulder cannon. The only gripe is the cannon unable to be detached.

Brawn ready for action.

ROTF Brawn with full glory of its armaments.

Now on towards the twin blaster of ROTF Brawn.

Side view of Pistol/blaster.

Each pistol is a mirror to the other with same design.

Details is not left out of Brawn's blaster.

Ventilation vents and blaster short barrel is added.

The twins of ROTF Brawn.

So much the same and there is also difference.

Next, articulation wise will leave the pictures to do justice for it. Just a note that the ball joints connecting the pelvic part and the legs is loose even for a new figure.

Brawn robot mode articulation limits.

Arms and Legs stretch out.

Some random strike a pose before closing.

ROTF Brawn fully armed in Robot mode.

Robot Mode Brawn strike pose.

Gunfu ROTF Brawn.

Gunfu inspired pose for ROTF Brawn.

ROTF Brawn ready for action

ROTF Brawn bracing for cannon to fire.

A routine for an Autobot scout.

ARC Brawn ?

Lighting effect subject using Brawn.

Brawn at front of a bright backdrop.

As a conclusion, ROTF is not without flaw such as kibble at the bottom view of the Alternate mode as well as poor loose joint to support heavy top robot mode.

The detailed as well as Japanese mecha similarity is ROTF Brawn’s charming point for collectors.

Until the next post. Thanks for reading and visiting my site. 😀

*Note : Finally able to squeeze time to update the blog. Do not worry as I will not abandon this blog. Also no cropping or white balancing. Just resizing and add water mark to the pictures to this post.

Time to chill for ROTF Brawn.

Let's Dance Pose - TF Edition.

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