Malaysia International Toys Fair day 2 and summary

About 24 hours later from the event here is the summary of the Malaysia International Toys Fair aka MITF.

EinsamSoldat MITF 2010 goodies

With exception of MP Grimlock at the background, others TF toys and Hi-Metal VF-1J, those are freebees as well as things bought from MITF.

The most treasured item for the event is of course the Exhibitor’s tag 🙂 Thanks to TransMY.

This post will be highlighting the some of those figures in closer view. Of course from my point of view 🙂

G1 Transformers toys
Continuation of G1 toys

In the 1980s the Transformers G1 toys is definitely the craze of the childrens. Well at least as far as I can remember. If we can turn back time and show to your peers the G1 Transformers toys you have, you will becomes the school instant celebrity. Everyone is your friend LOL 😛

Takara G1 Optimus Prime

Everyone needs a hero. Optimus Prime or Convoy is basically plays the role of model. Natural leader, charismatic, strong, wise, brave and of course personification of all good. Would dare to bet that those watches Transformers idolizes Optimus Prime/Convoy.

To think of the relation, Transformers, as well as Gundam cartoons or movie is just another form of product placement as well as advertisement. For Transformers toys are actually children of a toy time known as Diaclone.  Well not going details into it, may check out with others TransMYians or any dedicated Transformers community.

G1 Devastator

Devastator from my most fondness childhood memory is the first Transformers in cartoon that actually all the vehicle is individual robots and are able to combine their soul and body to becomes devastator. Devastator is really a bad ass in those early Transformers cartoon. Just like in all story there needs to be a villain, and of course Devastator fits well as the biggest muscles of the bad guys.

Then come the dinobots, the anti-thesis of Devastator. Unfortunately they does not combine, which is a waste.


As far as I know, the gimmick of Transformers were its transformation mechanism… so called robot in disguise. It was impressive at those old time. Of course other than the elaborated commercial, it too provide entertainment worth as well as a moral story.

G1 Megatron and Optimus Prime

Despite playing bad guys, they are important to create tension and perhaps provides the motivation and plot to the story. All hail Megatron !!! 😛

Ah despite all this rambling, moment for closer shots of customized figures under courtesy of Wan De Real .

Transformable MP Ultra Magnus.

The base body is using Takara Master Piece Ultra Magnus, styrene sheet and some joint are added to make the Ultra Magnus armour to ensure ecstatics of cartoon accurate Ultra Magnus.

Customized MP SixShot

Customized MP Six Shot is definitely a sight to behold, heavily modified joint added with articulation. As well as details such as wheels, tank caterpillar threads were added.

Customized MP Sound Wave
Quintessons Fixed Pose Figure
Customized MP BumbleBee

According to Wan, the MP BumbleBee, is actually created using a customized method known as shelling. The Volkswagen Beetle is actually a die-cast car, which were carefully separated and added in robot parts into the model.

Customed MP Preceptor

Of course these are the highlights of the customized TF figures. In which will take a longer time to complete. In a way it is one of its kind in the world.

Customed painted ROTF SoundWave by TCracker
Customed painted ROTF Voyager Optimus Prime by Robowarrior_prime

Seeing how much details on the customs figures, we can know that each of those customed job whether scratch built or impressive paint job requires labour of love. Long live the customizers for personalizing and adding character to their toys making it truly one of its kind in the world.

Another toyline which is featured is Macross by Macross Fan of Malaysia.

Valkyries from Macross Zero
Assortment of Macross collectibles and toys
Macross Frontier
Macross Plus, missing Isamu the loose cannon

Regarding about Macross Plus, did Guld did it ?? Any Macross fans can give me an answer ? Did Guld really did it ?

One of Macross collector

Not forgetting the Malaysia – Brunei Outpost of the 501st Imperial Army.

Someone going to have a very bad day
Photo session with Vader at the 501st Booth
Desert Storm Trooper, really impressive.
More Troopers
Taken a pot shot at a cool looking Imperial Grunt

It is great to know there are local comics as well as local CG studio. I am referring to Gempak Starz and Lescopaque. There are also other local artist some of the work is nice too.

Les' Copaque Booth
Gempak Starz Booth
Featured Artist from Gempak Starz

I missed the chance to get autograph from the artists for the comic bought last minute before closure. Perhaps better luck next time 🙂

Sean Lee @ Shabowl Brothers

Sean Lee @ Shabowl Brothers produces nice colorful caricature.

That is pretty much the sum up of what interesting at least from my perspective.

There is gaming event too.

MITF Game station 1
MITF Game Station 2

I guess computer games is a sub genre of electronic toys 😉

Some shots of cosplayers

Noname sith
Aye! Aye! Jack Sparrow
Taking picture with a Shinigami anyone ?

Back again to the Transformers rare toys.

Destron Overloard toy from Masterforce
Masterforce toy Destron Overlord
StarSaber from Transformers Victory

Its a shame that StarSaber and Overlord mold pulled a Houdini else it is worth getting an Encore version of this toy 🙂 Just too bad.

Hopefully in the future the MITF fair can make vendors and showcasers 50/50 .

Wish to see those 12″ figures kit bashes, Kamen riders, Sentai Rangers, Bandai Soul of Chogokins and a lot more to mention.

Signing off from this post, thanks for visiting 🙂

Yes that is all.

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I’m pretty sure I have uploaded most of the highlights.

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Till the next toys fair in the near future.

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