Application beyond the HP way of management by walking around

HP management by walking around is a still relevant concept for front line, middle line and higher management to understand daily operations of the company.

It provides an opportunity for employers and employees to engage better in the workplace.

An unspoken morale of the company and trust level of the company be observed by how willing employees are able to decorate their cubes to feel more at home.

For the initiated, such vibrant and diverse decoration allows personnel in the organization to understand at a more personal level. This has potential to build and promotes trust amongst colleagues at different layers of the organization.

Seasoned corporate citizens could use cues from decorations as an ice breaker. Or finding out persons in organization that may have similar contact with you.

Though one must be cautioned, due to increase heightened sense of privacy and need of personal space, do use wisdom when using such methods.

Diverse or vibrant way of decorating one’s cube are in direct contraction to practitioners of Six Sigma though.

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