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GCPBoleh S6 (

Never know how to respond to learning rate, had learned from my mentor many years ago that its undeniable that when we reaches 30s or above the rate of learning new things will drop. Just know from experience using AWS, am able to blaze through 3 subjects that will take many hours.

In cloud computing, its hard to determine if one is an expert. Depth and breadth of Cloud services are too vast. Whenever, I hear a person confidently says he is an expert, red flags are raised.

From 3 days of the GCPBoleh season 6, which was introed by my staff, it is an interesting rediscovery that GCP is no longer a SaaS focused service. Unlike in the 2010s, AWS is the defacto leader for IaaS, MS Azure for the PaaS and GCP is definately SaaS competing with Heroku.

Other than relearning terminology used, how managed cloud services are implemented, and re-familiarization of the web console. I no longer see there is any difference between AWS, Azure and GCP.

Cloud computing are just our-sourcing most of IT Operations, and some middleware/framework to a 3rd party vendor. I do agree with my counterpart now that not everything can be cloudify.

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