Optimus Prime Yolopark a 44 hours build

The first plastic model that I needed to keep track of the numbers of runners on a note book.

I would not recommend this build for folks that are busy, the smallest part in the model is smaller than 5mm by 5mm. Do not get kids involved in this build. The instructions are not as intuitive as mainstream Bandai Spirits branded plastic models.

With that said, the model build instructions are thick, 81 pages thick.

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The Covenant of Primus reviewed

The Covenant of Primus is collectors’ collectible items for Transformers fans. The book is house in the Autobot insignia or shield. What is amazing, even the book casing is meticulously stored in a well package cardboard. designed to prevent damage to the cover that is housing the book case.

Packaging of The Covenant Of Primus
With a well design package, The Covenant of Primus is definitely designed for collectors.
Close up view compared to coins.
Close up view compared to coins.
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Movie accurate Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime using FWI-3

FWI-3 or FWI-03 , Fans Wants It number 3 is the unofficial add on of Jetfire parts to create the accurate renditon of Jet Power Up Optimus Prime in the last battle scene of the movie Revenge of the Fallen.

FWI-3 Jetpower after attaching to Optimus prime

FWI-3 Jetpower after attaching to Optimus prime

To the date of this post, the FWI-3 makes the Leader Class Optimus Prime true to its movie rendition without need much work or customizing the original Leader Class Optimus Prime of ROTF.

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How to fix Transformers GO! G02 Jinbu knee

Hell break loose when Takara Tomy announced to recall Ginbu from the Transformers GO! series toy line. Consumer in Japan has the privilege to get the fix from Japanese retailer. For the rest of Jinbu owner in the rest of the world, need to do the good old DIY. For the original news of the recall :

  1.  http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/takara-tomy-recall-for-transformers-go-g02-jinbu/27698/
  2. http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/japanese-transformers-40/transformers-go-jinbu-recall-and-replacement-piece-177855/
  3. http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content/takaratomy-recalling-transformers-go-jinbu-7051/

Unfortunately, the Transformers GO! G02 Jinbu that I owned faced the problem.

Jinbu with assembly problem.

Jinbu with assembly problem.

Jinbu incorrectly assemble knee

Close up of incorrect assembly of Jinbu knee

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ROTF Brawn Review

Brawn as far from my child hood memory is 1 of those Autobots that I would not pay any attention to it due to its association of weak and small bot.

Brawn package front
Brawn package back with obligatory biodata

However the rendition of Brawn in ROTF styled robot had made my jaw dropped all thanks to my friend TCracker.

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