ROTF Brawn Review

Brawn as far from my child hood memory is 1 of those Autobots that I would not pay any attention to it due to its association of weak and small bot.

Brawn package front
Brawn package back with obligatory biodata

However the rendition of Brawn in ROTF styled robot had made my jaw dropped all thanks to my friend TCracker.

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Transformers Convention preparation and teaser

My buddies in the TransMY have sweat it off by arranging the concourse in Queensbay Mall for the up coming convention this weekend from the 26th till 28th June 2009.

Masterpiece Prime and THS Prime showcase.
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Transformers Universe G1 Series StarScream – F16 mode

As read from the package, more like a bully than a tyrant. I agree with the descripion of StarScream. Calculative coward is the personification of StarScream character.

Starscream package

Starscream package

From the package, StarScream comes in its G1 alternate mode, the F-16 Eagle.

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Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Gimmicks [Part4]

Cyclonus do not has a lot of accessories. The only gimmick is nightstick aka its gun/blaster.

Cyclonus with NightStick
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Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Robot Mode [Part3]

Cyclonus just looks slick, lean and mean in robot mode. It follows as close as the G1 Transformers.

Cyclonus in robot mode
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