Combining ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime with JetFire to form Powered-Up Prime

Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime and Jetfire are required to combine to power up form

One of the main reason getting both Leader Class Optimus Prime and Leader Class JetFire is both Leader class toy can combine to form Powered-Up Prime. Contrary to the combinati0n, in the Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) movie Powered-Up Prime is form after JetFire sacrifice himself to allow its body to beef up Optimus Prime weaponary and giving flight capability to Optimus Prime in the ROTF movie climax.

Regardless of TakaraTomy or Hasbro version of the toy, both is able to be combined without issues.

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Takara ROTF Leader Class JetFire Review


One compound word to describe JetFire in the Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie, Old Geezer. In the movie JetFire was a former Decepticon and grew tired of war. I do not recall that the movie explicitly mentioned that JetFire is an Autobot. I guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend is in effect here. The version of this JetFire is the Takara version. Perhaps if you have the Hasbro version, you may spot the difference.

ROTF jetfire package. Hasbro and TakaraTomy too lazy to have the box redesigned, only added stickers
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Transformers Convention Day 2

TransMYians wish to convey our apology that the toys on display in the Transformers Conventions are not for sale.

City Commander

We do glad to interact with all the visitors that has choose to spend their weekends to follow us with a short Transformers Escapade.

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Transformers Classic Voyager Class JetFire, Gimmicks [Part 3]

JetFire Voyager class Tranformers classic has tonnes of gimmicks. Backpack/Booster , arm armor, gun and a battle helm.

JetFire Armaments displayed

JetFire Armaments displayed

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Transformers Classic Voyager Class JetFire, Robot Mode [Part 2]

JetFire in robot mode with armaments the beefy mode , its head is re-immagine of the takatoku macross VF-1S toy . The shame is it lacks of articulation at its joints connecting the hips and the legs.

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Transformers Classic Voyager Class JetFire, Jet Mode [Part 1]

Jetfire, perhaps is one of a favorite transfromers character which seldom given justice due to limited TV time. In this installment, we will see how Hasbro has re-imagined Jetfire in their Transformers Classic toy line. Actually, it is re-imagined based on the takatoku macross 1/55 scale VF-1S .

This review will show you that Jetfire is one of a few Transformers Classic that gives more bang to your buck.

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