Hasbro ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime review

ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime with energon sword deployed

Hasbro Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) leader class is definitely the most movie accurate representation of Optimus Prime in both the 2007 and 2009 Transformers Movie.

This toy easily outdone any Takara masterpiece Transfromers in term of details, complexity of transformation and playability. Out of the box, Optimus Prime is in his robot mode ready to be pose with various pose. Transforming Prime into the SemiTruck is very complicated and it shows superb engineering of current toys compared to the G1 transformers.

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Mcfarlane 12 inch action figure Halo3 Master Chief review

Master Chief

Master Chief or Spartan-117 is definately the iconic character from Halo series. On top of that this title series and this characters has help increase alot of sales for the Microsoft XBox . What is XBox without this characters.

McFarlane toys has a 7 inch figure on Master Chief from Halo line toy series, this figure is a scale up from the 7 inch little brother. This review is the 12 inch rendition from Halo 3 Master Chief.

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D01 Henkei Megatron review.

Overview of Megatron

Megatron, is one of the early arch-villian type any kid born in the 1980s can relate to. Ruthless, megalomania but with a virtue honor. Of course, a story needs a villian and a hero. Megatron just answered the call.

Takara and Hasbro has reimagined the G1 Megatron and give it a futuristic looking short barreled revolver. At its gun mode it is just fit nicely how a compact modern pistol supposed to fit any adult´s hand. The Henkei version looks better than the Classics Megatron.

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Transformers Convention preparation and teaser

My buddies in the TransMY have sweat it off by arranging the concourse in Queensbay Mall for the up coming convention this weekend from the 26th till 28th June 2009.

Masterpiece Prime and THS Prime showcase.
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Transformers Henkei Galvatron – Robot mode

Reconstructed by Unicron from the broken body of Megatron. Galvatron were entrusted to destroy the Autobot Leadership Matrix.

Galvatron pointing fusion canon
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Transformers Henkei Galvatron – Tank mode

Born/remade/reformat from the broken body of the Decepticons/Destron undisputed leader; Megatron . Galvatron is the new embodiment of the Decepticons/Destron new generation leader.

Henkei Galvatron box, back card
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Transformers Universe G1 Series StarScream – Robot mode

Starscream is abit of mix view even in its robot mode it equally good and bad.

Starscream front view

Starscream front view

Proportion wise it is ok, torso is good propotioned, but it has large legs and small hands short hands with 2 oversized cannons.

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Transformers Universe G1 Series StarScream – F16 mode

As read from the package, more like a bully than a tyrant. I agree with the descripion of StarScream. Calculative coward is the personification of StarScream character.

Starscream package

Starscream package

From the package, StarScream comes in its G1 alternate mode, the F-16 Eagle.

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Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Gimmicks [Part4]

Cyclonus do not has a lot of accessories. The only gimmick is nightstick aka its gun/blaster.

Cyclonus with NightStick
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Transformers Classic Voyager Class Cyclonus, Robot Mode [Part3]

Cyclonus just looks slick, lean and mean in robot mode. It follows as close as the G1 Transformers.

Cyclonus in robot mode
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